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Player: Silent
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Canon Point: Beginning of KH2 / (Axel: Seven Days)
Alignment: Daimonia
Date of Entry: 02/06/2017

Contact: [ profile] tandemthoughts
Profile: Link to application
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Neria Surana
» » » unabatedly
How they met: She approached him at the Night of Diamonds while he was sunning warming himself by the fire. Conversation got serious fast. She’s seen him with his cloak zipper down and gloves off, which is a pretty rare sight.

Special notes about Neria:
-She is the only one outside of his universe who knows he's a Nobody (and what Nobodies are)
-She is the only one who knows of/has witness his grief and conflict over Roxas
h/cmeeting lognadazip




» » » shinra_dog
Axel's "best friend with benefits" in-game. How they met: In a haunted house escapade, that ended up in potato-throwing and good times had by most. Or none. He forgets which.

Special notes about Reno:
-The two of them often speak in ‘code’ to one another
-Axel has a covert supply chain setup to smuggle goods out of Zakiem to Reno twice a month
-Reno was the one to scatter the ashes of (what Axel believes was) a phantom Roxas as they left the haunted house




» » » masterkept
How they met: The usual -- she pulled out her keyblade, and he couldn’t resist.

Special notes about Aqua:
-She can usually sense hearts, except with Axel. How very veird...




» » » totallysane
How they met: On a lovely haunted house excursion, when enchanted mirrors straight out of some Beauty and the Beast shit tried to attack him. Eventually, Axel busted a window with his chakrams and got them both out safe. Mikado, at present, still “owes him one” for that. But in the meantime, he’s more or less officially under the Nobody’s wing. (What can he say? He has a penchant for short guys.)




» » » illicitresearch
How they met (again): During the winter ring of the war plot, Zexion aids his fellow soldiers using his illusionary magic, and Axel falls for it hook, line, and sinker. Literally, on that last part.
Special note about Zexion: Axel doesn’t know, but he was there before, during the torture plot while Axel was coerced for Wulgrimm amusement, watching from afar.





» » » passingmemories
How they met (again): When you wish upon a star, doesn't matter where you are...

Special notes about Roxas:
-This is Axel's bae (before anyone else)
-Mess with Axel's bae, and he will cut you. :3





Not pictured: Midori, August, Vincent, Subaru, Terra (former).

layout credit to [community profile] efryndiel

Player: Silent
Contact: [ profile] tandemthoughts
Age: 25+
Current Characters: None.


Character: Axel
Age: Not finitely stated in canon; physically/visibly appears to be in mid 20’s.
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Canon Point: Beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2, after being given instruction to eliminate his best friend, Roxas.

Background: Wiki link is here.

Personality: Sassy, laid-back, and casual, Axel is a colorful character who stands out within his canon for a multitude of reasons. He’s sociable and friendly even when and where his peers aren’t, an extrovert who is relatively easy to get along with -- at least at a topical, “acquaintance” sort of level. Though he willingly interacts with a variety of individuals and adapts well to different personality types, it can be said he’s picky about the company whom he intentionally keeps.

Regardless of an established friendship, in typical conversation, Axel has a sense of humor and a certain snappy wit that often smacks of cockiness and haughtiness. His familiarity with someone he’s addressing doesn’t dictate how he speaks to them, aside from his initial introductions typically including a catchphrase of his own creation: “Got it memorized?” Superficial as this may seem, (especially with how often it’s tossed around), this actually has a deeper meaning: It’s indicative of Axel’s innermost desire to be immortal, as his younger self once states in canon that he can live forever in the memories of others.

Perhaps it’s for this reason that he appears in canon to go out of his way to make himself memorable. He’s overtly animated in his visible expressions and interactions, his relaxed manner of speech often accompanied by grandiose gesticulations, typically shown as the type to “talk with his hands”. His self-confidence is overt in the way that he carries himself, his stride long and sauntering, stance often with weight casually leaned to one side. With all that combined, it can be said that he looks as lazy as he actually is, an individual who is openly more inclined to napping than working.

Axel is among the last person one would ever call polite or well-mannered, always aiming to leave an impression, but not always striving for a good one. He’s free-spirited and headstrong, yet also not unaccustomed or unwilling to take direction, no matter how he might complain about it first. However, be it considered a strength or a weakness, Axel is also manipulative and very skilled at what he does, good at getting his way. He’s curious perhaps to a fault, cunning and crafty, astute, and observant of situations around him.

Throughout canon, he’s known for doing things his own way, eventually veering from the paths of opposed sides to blaze his own selfish and morally-ambiguous trail somewhere between them. While it isn’t exactly correct to question Axel’s loyalty, (or call him disloyal), he is perhaps not so to a fault, as we see him change allegiances throughout canon from the primary antagonist, to a supporting protagonist, based on his own assessments of the situations around him.

It’s important to note here that his motivations aren’t based on spite, however; merely selfishness. He seeks to gain for himself, first and foremost; though as he forms bonds with others, their needs gradually become of importance to him as well. This can attest to the fact that, underneath everything, past all his aloof nonchalance and cocky facades at the very core of his persona, he’s genuinely good-natured.

Abilities: Axel, in canon, is imbued with the power of fire. For purposes of the game, I’d like him to retain his fire, but on a much smaller, tamer scale. For example, he would be able to start fires of a small size -- such as to light a fireplace, or perhaps cook a meal -- but no longer able to hurl fireballs at will or raze entire buildings and landscapes as he can in his canon. Secondly, Axel, as with other characters from his canon, is also able to travel instantaneously from point-to-point via what are called “corridors of darkness”. These are dark portals he can open at-will that he uses most commonly to transport himself between worlds.

Given his curious nature, Axel would likely attempt -- continually, I might add -- to use this ability to leave the game setting entirely, so limitations are necessary. I’ve heard that other characters in-game presently who have this ability have limited it to being able to cross the game map only, and I would like to stay consistent with that.

Additionally, while this may fall more into the realm of “inventory”, it’s worthwhile to note here that Axel has the ability to summon at-will two single-handed weapons he uses in combat: his chakrams. These materialize at his command; and when not in use, they disintegrate. For purposes of the game, they can be made constant, if the mods prefer. In which case, he will likely store them somewhere, not having a true need for them outside of battles.

Alignment: I am going to align Axel with Daimonia - grief and joy. Given his canon point, this makes the most sense, as he will enter the game feeling sadness and loneliness from the loss of his best friend, and grief and internal turmoil over his task to eliminate him. In canon, those emotions at this point are so strong for him that he’s able to clearly identify that he’s feeling them, even despite not having a heart with which to feel.

Other: Nothing of note.


General Sample: Kind of a long thread, but here it is!

Emotion Sample: Direct link to TDM thread with environmental emotional effects.

Questions: None at this time!

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